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Hadi Rafie

From my early childhood, I learned to appreciate originality and knowledge. Learning from older generations, continuing the flow of information between generations, including people’s experiences, the behaviour of people, and how behaviour can affect every aspect of their life, their networking, society, and the impact this has upon relationships. Curiosity has been my driving force from an early age. In high school I chose Computer Software as my major. I completed my Bachelor of Computer Software at Islamic Azad University of Hashtgerd Iran, 2014. By studying at the most reputable technological university in Iran, I was offered the opportunity to refine my skills in computer software and programing. This led to my employment in Computer Programming. During my employment, I was offered the opportunity to manage a team of workers due to my effective communication and management style. This ignited my passion in employee management. I was granted the opportunity of pursing my interest in Human Resource Management through a scholarship offered by the Indonesian Government, and studied my Masters of Human Resource Management at Padjadjaran University Bandung. I completed my thesis, which focused upon employee trust, empowerment, and affective commitment within a private higher education institution. I hope to increase my knowledge of Organisational Behaviour to compliment my current knowledge of Human Resource Management. The experiences I have achieved during my studies make me more eager to further research about Organisational Behaviour and the impact this can have upon employees, particularly of cultural diversity within the workplace. I am especially attracted to the field of Organisational Behaviour, and how this can impact the future of employee performance. I had been working as a lecturer at Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang, Indonesia, teaching Organisational Behaviour, Human Resource Management, and Entrepreneur

نحوه اعلام خبر قطع همکاری سازمان با کارمند در زمان کرونا

می توانید با احترام به کارمندان خبر بد بدهید  مدیران منابع انسانی به خوبی میدانند که اعلام خبر تعدیل نیرو کارسختی است. انسان بر پایه طبیعتش مایل است هرچه زودتر …

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